In 1993, while doing a Masters dissertation in the use of x-rays in art restoration I became interested in fine art and specifically blue pigments. After experimenting with a variety of blue pigments and their application I hit upon my blue river, monochrome, textured style. Since then I have expanded my monochrome style to include other colours, most recently greens (see ‘City mist’).

The acrylic paint is applied using brushes, sponges and, to a varying degree, free hand by laying the canvas flat and pouring the paint onto the canvas surface from a small height. I do this because it gives a very graphical textured look and feel to the painting, something that cannot be appreciated from just looking at my work in print or online.

The aim with this style of painting is to capture London’s beauty, intensity and energy.

Spray paint style

A new technique and style I’ve been working on since 2013 is in the use of spray paints. I love the randomness spray paints give. The emphasis with this style of artwork is very much more on mood and emotional content.

Exhibitions (selection)

I have been exhibited at Bankside gallery and shortlisted in the various national and regional competitions. For example: